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UK Girl sucks more than 20 guys on the dance floor to win contest

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uk girl blowing 20 guys in magaluf disco club

This UK girl was promised "a holiday" if she would suck all the guys standing around the dancefloor in this Magaluf club... And so she did - watch the great video ! What she didn't know is that "a holiday" is just a specialty cocktail in that club...

Here is the full article... From the Daily Mail News in the UK...

'Everyone was wasted, she's smashed and thought it's a good idea':
How cheap alcohol and an 'everything-goes' party culture led to the shocking video of a British girl performing a sex act on 24 men in Magaluf

By SOPHIE JANE EVANS PUBLISHED: 10:13 EST, 4 July 2014 | UPDATED: 10:59 EST, 4 July 2014

The shocking video of a British girl performing a sex act on 24 men in Majorca was the result of cheap alcohol and an 'everything-goes' party culture, it was today claimed. The two-minute footage shows the 18-year-old blonde working her way through holidaymakers at a nightclub in the island's notorious party capital of Magaluf. Donning pink hotpants and a white vest top, she was cheered on by revellers as she moved from man to man, encouraging each of them to take their trousers down. The DJ apparently counted the number of men she notched up on the dancefloor, while playing the song Sexy and I Know It.

Now, it has been claimed that the girl's actions were influenced by an 'out-of-control' party atmosphere in which everyone was 'wasted'. A man called Kieran, 26, who said he was at the club at the time, said the girl had agreed to perform the sex act after being told by party organisers she would win a 'holiday'. But her prize, in fact, reportedly turned out to be a cocktail named 'Holiday', made from gin, vodka, peach schnapps, blackcurrant liqueur and fruit juice.

'It was a game that got completely out of hand,' Kieran told The Sun. 'The girl was being encouraged to drink more and more and was told she would win a "holiday" if she took part in this game. 'Unfortunately the "holiday" turned out to be the name of a cocktail.'

Geordie Shore's Jay Gardner, who also featured in the video but did not take part in the game, told the newspaper the girl had been swept up in Magaluf's 'wild, everything-goes' culture. 'This girl's gone on holiday, got fuelled with alcohol, someone's suggested it, she's smashed and thought it's a good idea,' he said. The reality TV star was reportedly asked whether he wanted to be 'number 25', but declined, sticking his middle finger up at the girl who then walked away. Speaking to The Mirror, he said he been taking part in the bar crawl, but had decided not to take part in the sex game because it was 'the most shocking thing I've seen.'. However, he added that he would not hesitate to go back to the infamous party island.

According to the newspaper, the young Britons taking part in the bar crawl had been plied with unlimited free alcohol for more than four hours before the video was shot. Footage of the girl's actions were later posted online and quickly went viral, sparking outrage among local politicians and women's rights groups. Last night, police launched an inquiry into the incident, which took place during an event organised by Carnage Magaluf at Alex's Bar.

In the video, the men can be seen sporting T-shirts from Carnage Magaluf, which takes young Britons on pub crawls and is not linked to Carnage UK, a separate party organiser. Meanwhile, several holidaymakers are captured taking photos of the 'game' on their mobile phones. The girl, who reportedly works as a mobile phone sales rep, is believed to have flown to Spain for seven-night holiday with a friend last month. Locals immediately suggested she was British, as are the vast majority of tourists in a resort which has a reputation for excess. Dozens of posts about the incident appeared on Carnage Magaluf's Twitter feed, with some claiming it happens ‘everywhere every day’. Reports said other tourists were being offered free drinks in similar sex competitions. But the footage has been described by many as a new low in Magaluf, where pub crawls were regulated for the first time this year following complaints.

Yesterday, Spanish mayor Manu Onieva voiced his ‘absolute indignation’ and said police were investigating the practice that local press have dubbed ‘mamading’ – a play on the crude Spanish word for a sex act, ‘mamada’. Benefits Street star White Dee was a guest of Carnage Magaluf in May and was photographed at a party wearing the company’s T-shirt. The 42-year-old mother of two, real name Deirdre Kelly, claims £10,000 a year in benefits but flew to the resort despite being ‘too depressed’ to work. She returned to the resort last month and had been due to go on another pub crawl organised by the firm.

Spain’s Women’s Institute called it ‘degenerate, discriminatory and unfair’ towards women. The More for Majorca opposition party demanded that the activity be penalised, saying it was ‘an absolutely irresponsible and unhealthy way of enjoying leisure time’. Politician David Abril asked: ‘Where is the responsible tourism we all want?’ Residents of Magaluf have long complained about drunken Britons wreaking havoc on the island, injuring themselves during all night drinking sessions and blocking off roads through towns.Benefits Street's White Dee, who claims £10,000 a year in benefits was a guest of Carnage Magaluf in May

The destination, popular for its cheap clubs and bars, has earned its reputation as one of the top places for drinking and clubbing holidays in Europe. It is especially popular with British tourists, who will fill the hundreds of bars on a 24-hour basis until September. Carnage Magaluf could not be contacted.

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Video shows a British girl, 18, performing a sex act on 24 men in Magaluf. Donning pink hotpants, she was cheered on as she went from man to man. Footage was later posted online, sparking outrage among local politicians. It has been claimed girl was influenced by cheap alcohol and party culture. 'She got fuelled with alcohol, someone's suggested it, she's smashed and thought it's a good idea,' says Geordie Shore's Jay Gardener, who is in film. Last night, police launched inquiry into incident at Alex's Bar in party capital

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